Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fiends - Character Ideas - Hilarity the Clown

Here's another character from "Fiends". This salty looking dude is Hilarity the Clown. Contrary to his sloth like appearance he is quick witted and exceedingly funny. Trouble is his short temper, wild mood swings (every 28 days or so he becomes Calamity the Clown, more on that at some point later) and filthy comedy stylings; including an almost constant barrage of profanity being emitted from him, make Hilarity the last person you'd want to be entertaining kids.

Feel free to tweak his nipples though.


Richard said...

If that's the nice version, I can't wait to see what kind of depravity you'll be unleashing with Calamity clown. Nice work sir!

Prosody said...

Looking awesome bud, can't wait to see what these are from.

Looking forward to Leeds, you going to be there??


Anonymous said...

This looks nothing like your notorious Uncle D - his lawyers will be in touch! Awesome.

autoganzfeld said...

Rico: Calamity will be up on here soon. You'll love him/her/it (gender is a state of mind where Calamity's concerned).

Chris: Thought Bubble looks pretty stellar but I've spent all of my money on Hookers and Gin... my finances won't allow it. Dude, I swear we need to meet up at a Con again. Definitely next year somewhere. Have a good one in Leeds!

Notorious Uncle D: What you doing slumming it on a site like this? Ha! Thanks for the comment Chief.